Tenacious Teachability (with Greg Nettle and Andy Wood)

“There’s always a story behind the story. So whenever you see a church that grows fast or that God’s favor really shows up, there’s usually something that preceded that.” (Andy Wood)

“It’s often a lot about what God is doing in our own lives It’s more about what God wanted to do in my own heart more than what He wanted to do through me in the lives of others.” (Greg Nettle)

“For me, learning to celebrate the victories of each individual life that was transformed and to learn along the way key lessons that I would store up for the future was really what God was doing in me in the midst of it.” (Andy Wood)

“Tenacious teachability – whenever my wife or a mentor or someone in my life would point out stuff that we needed to work on, I would just grind it out with God’s help and try to get better.” (Andy Wood)

“I always have felt like I am operating at a deficit. I meet a lot of people who I feel like are more charismatic than I am or better communicators than I am, so I have always felt like I have to overcompensate in terms of teachability compared to other people I know it ministry who maybe initially had a greater deposit of giftedness.” (Andy Wood)

 “You can shortcut a lot of pain and a lot of difficulty. You can learn from your mistakes or you can learn from your mentors. As many lessons as I can learn from other people, I want to do that.” (Andy Wood)


Andy Wood Bio

Andy Wood is the Lead Pastor of Echo.Church. Andy and his wife Stacie started South Bay Churchin 2009 with two other families. South Bay Church officially changed their name to Echo.Church in January of 2018. Echo.Church has become one of the fastest growing churches in the most unchurched area of the United States and is now reaching over 2,600 people in regular attendance in fourlocations across Silicon Valley.

Andy’s passion is to create environments that engage the unchurched people of the Bay Area. Along with leading the churchAndy enjoys investing time in helping church planters and church leaders think more innovatively and strategically to reach people in the most unreached areas of North America. To help with this he founded an organization called Frontline Coaching.

Andy and Stacie have three kids, Caedmon, 13, Sammy, 12,and Karis who is 6. This makes them pray a lot!