On this episode of the Church Planting Podcast, Greg interviews the U.S. CEO of a large church planting organization in Asia about the urgency and cost of discipleship, key leadership lessons, and being a woman in leadership. Nanci, is an incredible and passionate leader. Her organization has planted over 40,000 churches in Asia.

Insight from Our Guest, Nanci

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1. The Church needs the giftings and authentic leadership of women.

  • Allowing women in leadership to just be “leadership” can allow them to lead authentically”
    • Many females in America, in conservative Christian circles, are navigating where they find themselves in the room and where God has called them to a particular position.”
    • “If possible, the sexualization of females out of that whole category and let us just be humans and come to the table as humans and treat each other as humans.”

2. The cost of discipleship is high, but with an even higher reward

  • Thousands of churches are starting in areas where Christianity is illegal because people believed the scripture and wanted to do what Jesus and the disciples did. 
  • Multiplication is embedded in everyone
    • “If you’re a new believer then you multiply to new believers, if you’re a leader you multiplied to other leaders, if you are a pastor, you multiply to other pastors. If you’re a church, you multiply to other churches.”
  • Prayer is a lifeline to church planters and pastors in these areas of possible persecution. 

3. Why are you here on earth?

    • “We’re going to continue to multiply. We’re going to go out in the day and we’re going to look at every opportunity as this is my opportunity to glorify God.”

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Nanci is a passionate leader, developer, visionary strategist, and facilitator. As an engaging communicator, Nanci is the consummate storyteller. As an avid photographer, creative, cyclist, reader, and adventurer; she is never without somewhere to engage in life.