I was sitting outside Starbucks enjoying a cup of coffee with my friend Corey when we were disrupted by two baristas running out the front door. The baristas hopped the stone wall and moved behind an SUV that was apparently stalled at their drive-thru window. After they pushed the very embarrassed driver’s vehicle into a nearby parking spot they stopped to explain what had happened.

The lady driving was out of gas! She pulled up to the window, put her SUV in park and her vehicle had abruptly conked out.

The amazing thing was that there was a gas station directly across the street from this particular Starbucks. Oh well . . . priorities.

I wonder how many times in life I keep pushing for one more thing when I know that I’m running with my life-tanks on empty? I can actually see how to refuel but continue to drive forward in spite of my empty tank warning light flashing.

Refueling is a necessary part of living well—even if it means putting off coffee.