Provide Life-Saving Transformation for Entire Communities

This March, I’m climbing a 33 mile track in New Zealand. I’ll ascend mountains fueled by the support of generous sponsors like you who have pledged to fund new churches for every mile of this climb. My goal is to raise $325,000, which will fund 50 new churches in Southern Asia in a strategic partnership.

By investing in my “Climb 4 Kids,” you are helping to start churches that intentionally and strategically care for children, which brings hope to them, their families and their communities. Thank you for helping us ensure that Every Child Has a Church!

“I climb because I invariably meet God on the mountain. I climb because I love the camaraderie of my climbing companions. I climb because some people enjoy looking at pictures while I enjoy living them. I climb to make sure that every  child has a church!”


Pledge Here …

Use the form below to make your pledge commitment. Following Greg’s climb, we will follow up to confirm the number of miles climbed and to provide information on how to fulfill your pledge.