My family and I spent New Year’s Eve with close friends.  As we prepared to usher in the New Year, there was great food, football and Bingo — a game that could be played by our entire group (our party included 5 adults and close to 15 kids ranging in age from 5-20).  The Bingo was fairly intense.  The prizes ranged from a rather unique elf hat (that had to be worn by the “winner”) to gift cards.  As the last game was played, the final winner was allowed to choose any of the prizes that had been opened or the prize I had in my back pocket.  Jack picked my back pocket and won cash.  I share all of this because I think there are some lessons that can be learned.

  1.  It’s really fun to have fun with kids
  2. A new year gives us the opportunity to close the door to some things, but to also bring the things that matter with us — the kids that God has placed in your life matter.  And, your influence on them matters.
  3. No one steals an elf hat.  That is one gift that you will always go home with.
  4. Choosing something that you can’t see is risky but sometimes really worth it.
  5. While some things are incredibly complicated, some things aren’t.  Laughter, friendship and time spent together — simple–and a great way to begin a year.