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I was honored to share the stage with Jimmy Mellado, President of Compassion International, during the Stadia party last Tuesday at Exponential. We raised almost enough to plant four new churches in Ecuador, and it was announced our Stadia partners donated over $190,000 so far to help with the Ecuador earthquake relief effort. If you’d like to join in this campaign, go here to donate.

Jimmy and I also had the chance to talk about Small Matters, our just-released book about the importance of children and the Stadia Compassion partnership.

In the forward of the book, John Ortberg, author and pastor writes:

“Today, suffering falls most heavily on little children. In this book, Greg and Jimmy describe our world, a world in which thousands of children die from preventable diseases each day. We live in a world where illiteracy cripples a child’s future, where isolation cripples a child’s spirit, where disease cripples a child’s body, and where abandonment cripples a child’s heart.

But these children are not alone. God has a special place in his heart for them, and God has created a special way of caring for them. You and me. If you care about the God who came as a child, then you must also care for the children he loves. As they share stories and examples of how to love children, Jimmy and Greg aren’t simply alerting us to the dangers that children face. Yes, this book speaks about heartbreak and struggle, but it is also a book about hope. More has been done in recent years to alleviate the poverty that hurts children than the world thought possible a generation ago. And what if that work might be carried even further? What if we were able to see it through to completion? What if God might be calling you to be part of this cause?”

Order your copy here.