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The Truth Will Set You FreeĀ (with Greg Nettle and Donnie Williams)

“We’re gonna tell the truth, and God’s gonna honor it.” (Donnie Williams)

“You’re being honest with your people and you are being faithful with your people.” (Greg Nettle)

“Anybody could come and confess anything to you at any time. We are all capable of making terrible mistakes at any time. When that third instance came to me, I thought, “Okay, we know how to handle this.”” (Donnie Williams)

“We’re only as sick as our secrets.” (Greg Nettle)

“Emotionally, I was a wreck – because I had not taken care of myself. It just came out of nowhere and it took me a couple of years to really get back on track.” (Donnie Williams)

“The best thing I can do as a leader is to take care of myself emotionally and physically. When I don’t take care of myself, I can’t live the calling God has on my life.” (Donnie Williams)

“I don’t take myself too seriously. I am one guy with one calling… and some day someone else will take the reins and be able to do it, too.” (Donnie Williams)


Donnie Williams Bio

Donnie Williams is the Lead Pastor of Lifepointe Church, a three campus church in and around Raleigh NC. Lifepointe has supported and helped plant over 30 churches including 4 intentional church plants through Stadia Church Planting. Over the last 15 years Donnie has led Lifepointe to launch new campuses, start new churches, and be an example of strong, consistent leadership for the long haul. He lives in Raleigh NC, with his wife Cinda and they have three daughters (Molly, Abby and Lexi) and, recently, one son in law.

“We’re gonna tell the truth, and God’s gonna honor it.”