Season Two, Episode One

Tornadoes, Fires, & the Glory of God (with Greg Nettle and Dave Jane of Connect Church in Washington, IL)

“There’s no way you could ever prepare for something like this. So at that point, you just throw yourself upon God and say, “God, I need your wisdom, just one step at a time.” (Dave Jane)

“One of the great things about being a plant in those early years, when those distasters, roadblocks, and hiccups come – we could look at them as disadvantages, but we’re probably in the best place to handle these things because of how new and flexible we are!” (Dave Jane)

“God, I want to be a leader of a church where I get to stand on a regular basis on a platform and say, ‘Look at what God has done!’ Almost kind of laugh and say, ‘Isn’t it crazy what God can do when you give Him freedom to work in your life and in your church?’ These stories on what took place after the tornado and the fire – God got so much glory through it.” (Dave Jane)

“What God was doing in my heart through of all this was just reminding me that if I’m willing to just let go and trust Him in some of these situations, He will get all the glory – and if I am going to allow Him to get all the glory, He will show off and do some amazing things.” (Dave Jane)

“We all want to be a part of a church where Jesus shows up and God is glorified! We have to not think about the inconvenience, but about the opportunity that God is providing.” (Greg Nettle)

Dave Jane Bio

n 1994, Dave Jane moved to central Illinois from England to pioneer a missionsprogram. His plans to return to England after a few years changed when he met Kasey, who grew up in Washington. They were married, and for over 20 years they have been working in churches together across Illinois. They have three children, Benn, Will and Emma.

In 2013 they felt like God was leading them to plant a church in their hometown of Washington. Their love for the community, and their desire to see their unchurched neighbors and friends discover Jesus was the inspiration behind this big step.