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easter-peopleThis Easter weekend more than 60,000 people will gather in Stadia new church plants around the world. 60,000 people that God loves deeply. 60,000 people that desperately need to know the amazing, life-transforming hope that Jesus brings.

Would you please join me in praying for these young churches?

Our Mighty and Most Holy Heavenly Father,

We thank You that on this Easter weekend we remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank You for the incredible love that sent Jesus to the cross. We thank You for the unparalleled power that raised Jesus from the dead–the same power that is alive in Your church and at work in each of our lives. […]

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I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dusty Rubek about his new role as President of Church Development Fund and their work with new church plants.


Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.40.42 PM […]

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IMG_2397I just received a message from Wess Stafford that says, “Oh my goodness . . . my very last day as Compassion’s President!”

Which prompts me to pray . . .

Our most compassionate Heavenly Father, thank you for revealing your heart through your servant, Wess Stafford.

Thank you for the difference you have used him to make in the lives of millions of children around the world.

Thank you for the awareness of children at risk that you have used him to bring in the lives of thousands of churches throughout the United States and globally.

Thank you for his openness to planting new churches where no churches previously existed. […]

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The Exponential conference is the largest gathering of church planters on the planet.  And this year’s Exponential Conference certainly exceeded my expectations!  Here are a few of my favorite Exponential experiences.

1.  2 new church plants funded in Latin America.  Everything about the Stadia banquet at the Hard Rock Café was wonderful.  But, for me, the most wondrous moment came at the end when church planters, churches, individuals and organizations committed $160,000 to launch two new churches in South America.

2.  The first ever Wess Stafford Too Small To Ignore award.  Scott and Vanessa Pugh were honored with Stadia’s inaugural award that lifts up the value of children.  […]

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This past Saturday morning, Dr. Scott Todd (Sr. VP of Compassion International) and I sat at my kitchen table and reminisced about his visit six years before.  The weekend of his 2007 visit we had team taught during RiverTree’s weekend gatherings.  To dramatically illustrate the number of children that die every 24 hours as a result of poverty or poverty-related preventable diseases we poured 30,000 BBs from multiple pitchers into a galvanized metal tub.  With a microphone placed beneath the tub, the never-ending din of the BBs was deafening.

This past weekend, Scott once again taught at RiverTree.  As we closed the teaching time together we once again approached the galvanized metal tub with the microphone placed beneath. […]

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With this week’s passing of the leadership baton from Wess Stafford (President of Compassion International) to Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado (congratulations Jim!), I have been reflecting on the myriad of life lessons I have learned from my mentor and friend–Wess.

Not included in my Top 5 list is the foundational principle that EVERY CHILD MATTERS.  Children matter because they are close to the heart of God, they are the future, and they simply cannot fend for themselves.  This truth has led my family to sponsor numerous children through Compassion, visit and care for children around the globe, become foster parents and ultimately to adopt our son.   […]

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Actually his name is Edino–but for us gringos, Eddie is an acceptable pronunciation.  He is five years old and lives on the island of Pampanal.  When I first heard about Pampanal, God wrecked my heart.  Several thousand people, descended from slaves, now living in slavery to abject poverty.  Houses built on stilts because their island floods several times every month.  AND, no church!  No hope that Jesus brings.  Until Stadia and Compassion enter the story.

I knew that I was supposed to allow God to make a difference through me . . . to plant a church and care for the children of Pampanal Island.   […]

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This week Stadia’s Leadership Team joined other Provision Ministry Group leaders to strategize how God can change the world through us.

Provision provides direction, leadership and support to a related group of non-profit ministries that serve Christian churches and ministries around the world. It’s really an honor for Stadia to be part of the Provision Ministry Group family. The collective wisdom, experience and vision of these world-changers makes Stadia – and thus our church planting mission – stronger and more effective.

Let me tell you about these ministries:

BUILDING/ARCHITECTURAL EVANGELISM Visioneering Studios is often called the most revolutionary ministry in the Provision Family. […]

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I’m pretty excited that almost every weekend this Fall Stadia and our partners are launching a new church. We even kicked off this “launch” season right here at RiverTree with our own campus in and around Canal Fulton. Great stuff … but really we’re just getting started.

There are over 7 billion people on this earth who need the hope of Jesus. That’s why URGENCY must be one of the life values of a follower of Jesus … and that’s why URGENCY is a core value of Stadia and RiverTree. We have to plant churches … and we have to plant more of them. […]

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Another Exponential Conference has come and gone.  The effects of the conference are here to stay.

I brought three leaders with me to Exponential this year–their first time.  They were blown away.  They loved the authenticity of the speakers, the willingness for leaders to relationally connect, the relevance of the topics.

Team Stadia, you hit it out of the park!  Magical.  Scott Todd was inspiring, the pool party brought us all together, I’ll never go to another Hard Rock without thinking of Jesus’ words in Matthew 16:18 and Gate-Crashers.

Todd Wilson once again was masterful in his leadership of Exponential.  Kudos for bringing Geoff Surratt into a leadership role as well. […]

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