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Provide Life-Saving Transformation for Entire Communities

This March, I’m climbing a 33 mile track in New Zealand. I’ll ascend mountains fueled by the support of generous sponsors like you who have pledged to fund new churches for every mile of this climb. My goal is to raise $325,000, which will fund 50 new churches in Southern Asia in a strategic partnership.

By investing in my “Climb 4 Kids,” you are helping to start churches that intentionally and strategically care for children, which brings hope to them, their families and their communities. Thank you for helping us ensure that Every Child Has a Church! […]

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From Ecuador:

I had the opportunity to visit with Inti today…the first child my family sponsored through Compassion International.  We have been sponsoring her for 13 years.  She is now 19 — a young woman full of hope and a future who will do great things for God’s kingdom.

Cost of sponsorship — $38 a month Helping shape the eternal destiny of a little girl — priceless

Click here to learn more about the partnership between Stadia and Compassion

Click here to find out more information on sponsoring a child and  being part of priceless moments like this. […]

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This past weekend at Rivertree Christian Church, I had the privilege to be interviewed with Compassion International President Jimmy Mellado. During that interview, Jimmy said, “God was training me to believe in the ridiculous.” Together, we shared the vision of the Compassion/Stadia partnership. We talked about what it would look like to release the 400 million children living in poverty to a life transformed by Jesus. And, we learned what it means to lift your eyes higher.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.32.36 PM […]

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Over 53 million people of Hispanic descent live in the United States.

Two-thirds of all Latinos living in the U.S. were born in the United States.

Of those, 96% speak primarily English, with more than 60% speaking only English.

22% (16 million) of all U.S. children under age 18 are Hispanic.  1 in 5 children in the U.S. Are Hispanic!

Over 85% of all followers of Jesus decide to accept Him between the ages of 4 and 14.

Church planting is the most effective means of sharing the Gospel. So Stadia plants churches that intentionally care for children. We see a great need to reach this fast-growing population by planting churches that reach Latino children. […]

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I love what Stadia church plant, Verve, is doing in Las Vegas…

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“In 2010 we started a new church in the heart of Sin City called Verve.” Says pastor Vince Antonucci, “As Christians we are suppose to be drawing people to Jesus, but what often happens is the exact opposite. Then, in 2013, we came up with a new slogan for our church … “God For The Rest Of Us.” Our attendance grew by 40%. And, it wasn’t people from other churches. It was unchurched, non-Christians who were coming, drawn by this message that maybe God still had a place for them. […]

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LifePointe Christian Church in Fort Mill South Carolina, led by Nate Siemon, believes in getting better before you get bigger. The reality is LifePointe is doing both. With average weekly attendance of approximately 700 people over two weekend services, the communities of South Charlotte, Fort Mill and Rock Hill are truly coming together to worship, serve and grow.

When Matt McGue partnered with Stadia in 2004 to plant LifePointe, Nate soon joined the team as the Student Pastor, eventually becoming their Campus Pastor. Nate reflects on his time serving with Matt. “Matt is my hero in ministry,” says Nate. “He believed in me and saw more in me than I saw in myself. […]

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I love the privilege of working with Stadia to cast the vision of Every Child Has a Church.  And, I love the partnership between Stadia and Compassion International…here is one more reason why.

“Pablo is 11-years-old. He uses a portion of the money he earns in the mines to buy alcohol. Many of the people who showed him the ropes when he started five years ago have died from malnourishment, alcohol/coca abuse or physical ailments related to mining. Pablo drinks so he doesn’t have to think about his life being one quarter over. He continues to revere the Satan statue and is glad it keeps him alive in the mines. […]

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Josh and Katie Burnett have a vision to reach people who don’t have a church and aren’t yet followers of Jesus. But they know they can’t see this vision become reality on their own. Last Spring, they connected with Stadia and started on a journey that is laying a solid foundation for planting a new church within the next few years.

The Burnetts are currently serving in a Church Planting Residency with Connect Church (Washington, IL), under the leadership of Dave Jane. Launching in 2013, Connect averages 400 in weekend worship attendance and has baptized over 50 people.

Josh remembers meeting Dave and his wife, Kasey, at the 2014 Exponential Conference. […]

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Spent time this week with a great group of young church leaders in Colorado. Love these guys and their commitment to doing whatever it takes to start churches that care for children.

11009369_1006498749369489_4698327938290963478_oWhile together, we toured Compassion International offices and got to hear from Compassion leaders. These Leadership Principles are prominently displayed at the Compassion HQ:

Compassion Leadership PrinciplesDemonstrate godly character Cherish family Commit to a local church Live with integrity Exemplify servant leadership Humbly listen Lead with courage Ignite passion for ministry Master communications Equip staff Strive for excellence Practice personal disciplines

This kind of leadership is what makes Compassion such a high impact organization. […]

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Gene Appel has become a great partner with Stadia in starting new churches. In fact, Eastside has pioneered our work in Mexico, planting churches where Compassion International can care for hundreds of children through child development sponsorship programs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.34.37 AMReally glad that Gene has agreed to be our guest during a breakfast event Stadia will host during this month’s North American Christian Convention. Check out this video to hear about Eastside’s experience. Then if you’ll be in town for NACC or you’re in the Cincinnati area, make plans to join us for breakfast on Thursday June 25 at 7:30 a.m. You’ll hear more from Gene about the powerful Kingdom results that takes place when you combine church planting and caring for children. […]

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