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Provide Life-Saving Transformation for Entire Communities

This March, I’m climbing a 33 mile track in New Zealand. I’ll ascend mountains fueled by the support of generous sponsors like you who have pledged to fund new churches for every mile of this climb. My goal is to raise $325,000, which will fund 50 new churches in Southern Asia in a strategic partnership.

By investing in my “Climb 4 Kids,” you are helping to start churches that intentionally and strategically care for children, which brings hope to them, their families and their communities. Thank you for helping us ensure that Every Child Has a Church! […]

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I did not summit Mount Rainier and yet this was perhaps the most gratifying climb I have experienced.

We began our summit bid from high camp at 1 A.M.  Traversing a glacier by the light of my headlamp and a much brighter full moon I repeatedly sang the words to my favorite Matt Redman worship song:

The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning It’s time to sing Your song again Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me Let me be singing when the evening comes.

After ascending through boulders, volcanic scree and spectacular ice formations I finally arrived at the top of Disappointment Cleaver.   […]

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I sat on a ledge at the summit of Mount Whitney and simply “lost it” emotionally (it probably had something to do with the altitude).  I cried because I had reached the summit of a mountain on my 50th birthday–very cool.  I cried because I was able to kiss my wife (the woman I love more than any other) on the summit of the mountain.  I cried because my kids had sent birthday cards that were very meaningful.  But most of all, I cried as I prayed for the hundreds of children who will soon have a church on their island that will care about them, feed them and teach them about Jesus–God’s Kingdom now and forever. […]

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Julie and I begin my 50th birthday excellent adventure early tomorrow morning.  We’ll fly to Las Vegas which, interestingly enough, is the closest airport to Mount Whitney.  Kind of fun because we’ll have one day to explore before departing on Thursday morning to drive to the base of the mountain.  Julie nor I have ever done more than pass through Vegas.

Thursday morning we’ll drive through Death Valley National Park on our way to Whitney.  We’ll stop at the lowest point of elevation in the United States, Badwater Basin, at 282 feet below sea level.  From the depths to the heights in 48 hours! […]

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One week from today, Julie and I with Jon and Kelly, will be heading up Mount Whitney.  Julie told me this morning that in the early morning hours she had a bit of an anxiety attack about the climb.  “What if I don’t make it to the top?  What if I don’t get to kiss you on the summit on your 50th birthday?”  “You’ll make it,” I assured her.  Truth be told, I’ve awakened a few times in the middle of the night with similar concerns.

So why Whitney?  Why climb?  Why plant a church? Why care for children?

This past January I was in Ecuador with Wess Stafford and a group of church leaders who were visiting new church plants that Stadia and Compassion had partnered together to launch.   […]

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Hey Friends,

On July 28th, 2012, I turn 50.  Ouch!  Sooo, Julie asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday?  I responded, “Summit a mountain!”  Julie’s reply?  “Pick one that I can climb with you.”  And so, on July 25th, Julie and I will be heading to Central California to climb the highest peak in the contiguous United States—Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet.

The big 5-0!!!  And I’m asking you for a birthday present . . . A BIG birthday present . . . One that costs a lot.  Julie and I (and our friends, Jon and Kelly) have committed to raising $80,000 with this climb.  […]

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