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I love this story of how New City Church is intentionally caring for children…

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As Lead Pastor of New City Church, Nate Bush regularly asks himself two questions: 1) “Thirty years from now, how will Albuquerque, New Mexico, be different because of New City Church?” 2) “What can we do together that we can’t do on our own.”

New Mexico, known as the setting for Breaking Bad, has Nate regularly confronting the truth of statistics. New Mexico is the poorest state in the country and is touted as the “worst state to be a kid.” Contributing to that are lowest test scores in 4th grade reading and only a 60% high school graduation rate. […]

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I just spent a day with Alan Hirsch. As a result, my fire was stoked once again on why missional matters.

Discipleship happens exponentially when we are on mission together.

The early church was a church on mission and experienced phenomenal growth.

The missional impulse flows out of our God who “sent” His Son on mission.

Most of today’s world is not attracted to sexy buildings or services but rather to Christians who serve the world on mission as Jesus served the world on mission.

Jesus did not tell us to “sit” He told us to “go.”

*For further reading, pick up Alan Hirsch’s amazing book: The Forgotten Ways. […]

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missional forum speakersLooking forward to teaming up with Alex Absalom, Matt Smay, Brian Bloye and Kim Hammond at Exponential West to lead the “Transitioning to Missional” Forum.

Remember … the church on mission will always be attractive. Join us this October at Saddleback to hear more.

“As part of the new pre-conference gatherings at the upcoming Exponential West conference (Oct. 6-9) at Saddleback Church near Los Angeles, Exponential is bringing together five missional thought leaders to help church planters and leaders wrestle with key tensions unique to transitioning a church to missional.

“When Jesus challenged the crowd in John 6 to ‘eat my flesh and drink my blood,’ thousands of people turned their backs and walked away from Him,” says Greg Nettle, president of Stadia and leader of the Transitioning to Missional Forum. […]

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What led to RiverTree Christian Church’s commitment to make disciples—not consumers? As former lead pastor of the church, I was recently asked by Exponential Network to share some thoughts about the church’s shift to missional life.

“When I began with Future Travelers, the burning question was, ‘How do we produce disciples who are committed to following Jesus rather than consumers of church goods?’ As we wrestled through this question throughout our time during Future Travelers, we began to see ways to transition RiverTree in our core teachings about what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and in our core practices about how we live as followers of Him.”

Watch the video to hear more:

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.32.32 PM […]

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Top 5 reasons to plant churches with Stadia. 1.  Impact.

Stadia is committed to planting high impact churches.  Over the past 10 years we have launched more than 200 new churches in the U.S. alone.  In 2013 we are anticipating the launch of 46 new churches!  This is all accomplished with a success rate that exceeds 90%.

2.  Relationships.

Stadia is committed to maintaining healthy relationships with everyone involved in the church planting effort.  Our planter care for the church planter, spouse and family is absolutely exceptional.  We work in a collaborative fashion that partners local churches, Kingdom minded individuals and launch teams who synergistically plant new churches resulting in exponential impact for God’s Kingdom. […]

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For many followers of Jesus, the new year brings a fresh commitment to Bible reading. Maybe you’re scheduling a short daily devotional reading or perhaps you plan to read through the entire Bible this year.

If discipleship is hearing Jesus and obeying Him, and if the primary way Jesus is revealed is through the Bible, then we need to learn how to hear and obey His voice whenever we read Scripture.

Therefore, when I read something in the Bible, the key questions are, ‘What is Jesus saying to me? And what am I going to do about it?’ My goal is not to gather more knowledge (although that is helpful) – my goal is to become more like Jesus, which means I respond to His word to me that I am reading or hearing. […]

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“A gift with the power to change Christmas.”  That’s what the book, The Sparkle Box, claims.  And I agree!

My friend, Jill Hardie, wrote this book.  I know her family’s story.  The difference the tradition of giving gifts to Jesus has made in their lives.  I also know how it has enhanced Christmas for my own family.

Based on Jesus’ words that “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me,” The Sparkle Box offers a practical way for all of us to give gifts to Jesus.

You can find out more at www.thesparklebox.com. […]

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In the New Testament, the Greek word for disciple is mathetes. That word simply means “learner” or “pupil.” This means that every time we see the word disciple in the Bible, we can insert the word “learner.”

Here comes the key question … from whom am I learning?

A disciple of Jesus is someone who is intentionally choosing to learn from Jesus, in every area of life. Simple!

As we teach this to the church, we drive the point home through what we term the two core questions of discipleship:

What is Jesus saying to you? What are you doing in response? […]
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eBook: “Disciples Who Make Disciples: Turning Your Church Into a Multiplying Movement” Download Here

Continuing the story we began in our One Of eBook, this new release describes how RiverTree Church is building a culture that combines disciple making with mission. My friend Alex Absalom and I use this book to describe the practical steps the church has taken to begin the shift from merely reaching people to making disciples who in turn are equipped to go and make more disciples.

Disciples Who Make Disciples covers what it means to define discipleship in a biblical, simple yet challenging way (What is Jesus saying to you and what are you doing in response?); moving from educating to modeling, particularly through “balancing REI” (relationships, experiences and Information) and keeping the Bible at the center of discipleship by showing people how to understand Scripture in the details of their own lives, rather than relying on others to do it for them; developing clear language and practices that help communicate the shift from programs to discipleship as our primary purpose, specifically:

How RiverTree has developed Napkin Discipleship to build a common vocabulary of discipleship. […]
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Imagine a football team that was able to recruit great players.  A team that was able to complete their roster faster than any other.  A team that was able to fill their stadium with raving fans.

The fans loved the state of the art video screens that enabled them to watch every play in high definition.  They loved the way they could see the agony and the ecstasy on each player’s face after every exciting hit.  They even loved the cool uniforms the players wore that the back office designed.

But when the players started the game . . . they were penalized for foolish mistakes.  […]

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