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I love the privilege of working with Stadia to cast the vision of Every Child Has a Church.  And, I love the partnership between Stadia and Compassion International…here is one more reason why.

“Pablo is 11-years-old. He uses a portion of the money he earns in the mines to buy alcohol. Many of the people who showed him the ropes when he started five years ago have died from malnourishment, alcohol/coca abuse or physical ailments related to mining. Pablo drinks so he doesn’t have to think about his life being one quarter over. He continues to revere the Satan statue and is glad it keeps him alive in the mines. […]

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Josh and Katie Burnett have a vision to reach people who don’t have a church and aren’t yet followers of Jesus. But they know they can’t see this vision become reality on their own. Last Spring, they connected with Stadia and started on a journey that is laying a solid foundation for planting a new church within the next few years.

The Burnetts are currently serving in a Church Planting Residency with Connect Church (Washington, IL), under the leadership of Dave Jane. Launching in 2013, Connect averages 400 in weekend worship attendance and has baptized over 50 people.

Josh remembers meeting Dave and his wife, Kasey, at the 2014 Exponential Conference. […]

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Last year, I had the privilege of interviewing Chris Hornbrook and Brandon Grant at Expo West.  I loved the vision they spoke about that day (to read more about the vision, click here) and wanted to share this update from Brandon with you.

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It was 3 years ago that my wife and I sensed the calling to pack up our things, move to San Diego, and start a new church. This came by way of an invitation from Chris Hornbrook – the lead pastor of Momentum Christian Church in Chula Vista, CA ( Chris not only invited me to start a new church, but to be a part of a much larger vision – a vision we’ve come to call 10|10|10. […]

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I have the privilege of leading Stadia, a church planting organization that won’t stop until Every Child Has A Church!

We know that church planting is the single most effective way to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We also know that …

85% of those who make a decision to follow Jesus do so between the ages of 4 and 14. All children are at risk. Danger and disease stem from poverty as well as prosperity. So when we combine new church planting with caring for children, we see exponential Kingdom results. We are relentless about this vision. […]

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Last Thanksgiving, I led a Stadia/Compassion International Vision Trip to Ecuador.  This trip was unique in that everyone traveling were close personal friends and collectively, our 10 children (ranging in age from 6th-11th grade) were traveling with us.  The week was incredibly special.  We saw firsthand the difference a local church makes in the lives of families.  We participated in “a day in the life” experience, where each family partnered with a local family and went to work alongside them.  We spent a day with our Compassion kids — playing, swimming and sharing a meal together.

On the last evening of the trip, we were talking about what the week had meant to us — things that surprised us…inspired us…moments that we would never forget.   […]

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Gene Appel has become a great partner with Stadia in starting new churches. In fact, Eastside has pioneered our work in Mexico, planting churches where Compassion International can care for hundreds of children through child development sponsorship programs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.34.37 AMReally glad that Gene has agreed to be our guest during a breakfast event Stadia will host during this month’s North American Christian Convention. Check out this video to hear about Eastside’s experience. Then if you’ll be in town for NACC or you’re in the Cincinnati area, make plans to join us for breakfast on Thursday June 25 at 7:30 a.m. You’ll hear more from Gene about the powerful Kingdom results that takes place when you combine church planting and caring for children. […]

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*Presenting the Wess Stafford “Too Small To Ignore” award to Ben and Shaina Thompson. I have watched this young church planting couple for several years and they truly model what it means to value children.

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*Meeting the up and coming Stadia church planters. What a bunch of rock stars! Love their diversity. Love their hearts. Love their vision.

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*Being part of the pre-conference on developing a generous church. Dusty Rubeck, Phil Ling, Julie Bullock and Steve Porter were incredible teachers.

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*Raising more than $120,000 at the Stadia celebration to plant 10 new multi-ethnic Latino churches in the U.S. Thanks to everyone who so generously invested. […]

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IMG_1420ALL children are at risk.

There are dangers and diseases that stem from poverty and there are dangers and diseases that stem from prosperity.

Throughout my travels to some of the darkest points of poverty on the planet I have witnessed firsthand the dangers and diseases that stem from poverty. And as a result of raising children in the United States I have also witnessed firsthand the dangers and diseases that stem from prosperity.

I have seen children eat dirt to fill their stomachs and children struggling with obesity from too many trips to the nearest fast food chain restaurant. I have paddled a canoe through sewage-strewn water to reach the home of a child living on an island in Ecuador and I have driven my SUV to relatively cavernous homes to visit children living in isolation in the suburbs of the U.S. […]

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easter-peopleThis Easter weekend more than 60,000 people will gather in Stadia new church plants around the world. 60,000 people that God loves deeply. 60,000 people that desperately need to know the amazing, life-transforming hope that Jesus brings.

Would you please join me in praying for these young churches?

Our Mighty and Most Holy Heavenly Father,

We thank You that on this Easter weekend we remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank You for the incredible love that sent Jesus to the cross. We thank You for the unparalleled power that raised Jesus from the dead–the same power that is alive in Your church and at work in each of our lives. […]

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Great things happening…check out this video.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.46.21 PM […]

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